Leveraging Data to Empower Toyota Drivers

We Are Connected Analytic Services

Connected Analytic Services (CAS), a Toyota affiliate, is a consumer reporting agency dedicated to empowering drivers and contributing to the evolution of the insurance industry.

We are committed to developing new and exciting ways to leverage data in order to cultivate greater customer satisfaction, refine the insurance pricing process, and help create safer driving conditions.

Telematics Data and the Insurance Industry

Today, we offer an agile, highly customizable data platform that combines the power and insights of a large data aggregator with the flexibility of cutting-edge approaches to data use and interpretation.

Drivers opt-in to Insure Connect, Toyota’s latest connected service, and give Connected Analytic Services permission to share their telematics data—driving behavior data, vehicle features, and more—with insurance carriers.

As we look to the future, we envision roads made safer by rapid response to collisions and accidents, smarter vehicles, and improved safety features based on real-time data analysis and artificial intelligence. We will also continue to leverage data as a means of aiding the insurance industry in creating highly personalized, accurately priced policies.

Our Offerings

We are only beginning to scratch the surface when it comes to improving the Toyota ownership experience using telematics data. Here are the products we currently offer:

Data at Quote

We provide insurance carriers with the driving behavior data of opted-in Toyota owners at the time of quote. No waiting, no delay.

Data at Purchase

Insurance providers can provide customers with an opportunity to share data communication module (DCM) data as part of the bind process, no aftermarket devices or mobile applications required.

Lead Generation

Carriers can identify prospective leads by using their unique scoring algorithm to grade anonymous driving data. Toyota Insurance then contacts likely prospects, inviting them to complete a quote with the carrier.

ADAS Equipment

Carriers can identify specific installed ADAS systems, such as anti-lock braking, collision avoidance, electronic stability control, forward collision warning, and lane departure warning.

Build Data

Identify specific build-sheet attributes for your company’s unique needs. These attributes include, but are not limited to, items such as: optional features with MSRP, detailed vehicle model and trim, and fuel economy.

What We Collect

In order to improve the overall Toyota ownership experience, Connected Analytic Services is constantly processing data from Toyota vehicles equipped with data communication modules (DCM).

What Drives Our Team

Kaizen - カイゼン

We believe in continuous improvement when it comes to efficiency and teamwork, which is why we are always working to streamline the data sharing process.

Kaikaku - カイカク

We refuse to be satisfied with the status quo, and we work to push the boundaries of what is possible with data in the insurance and mobility industries.

Genchi Genbutsu - 現地 現物

We are committed to working side-by-side with our partners to keep pace with evolving technology and adapt to the ever-changing needs of customers through our agile data platform.

Just in Time - ジャストインタイム

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide near-real time data transfers, making the insurance policy quote & bind process more efficient and convenient.

The Roads Today

A glance at our current data pool by the numbers.¹


Active Connected Vehicles


Number of Trips Taken


Number of Hours on the Road


Number of Miles Driven

We Protect Driver Privacy and Data

Customer privacy and data protection remains our top priority. We employ top-of-the-line security software and protocols to ensure the safety of all data and driver information.

Let’s Transform the Insurance Industry

Curious about how our highly agile data platform can benefit your company and customers? Let’s talk.

Request a Report

Are you the owner of a Toyota DCM-enabled vehicle? If you are, and if you’ve opted to share your driving behavior with us, you can request a copy of your current driving history report by contacting CAS FCRA Report